Thanks so much to those of you who have supported Brown Boy Bad via the crowd-funding website, GoFundMe and personal donations.

Even though the fund-raising campaign is still active, I’ve stopped promoting it. Thanks to you, I’ve raised about $700 of the $2,500 I estimated to complete the film portion of this project. My intention was to use the $2,500 to pay my video production (and living) expenses so that I could work on the project full-time for a month or so.

When the donations slowed down well before I reached my financial goal, I started exploring other options, primarily seeking corporate sponsorship from automotive brands. There were a few “maybes” but ultimately no one pulled the trigger because of the sociopolitical nature of the project.

That said, my current plan is to turn Brown Boy Bad into a nonprofit and solicit support that way. I’ve also started selling Brown Boy Bad Bracelets as a more direct way to raise funds for the project.

For those of you who have already contributed, I’ve compiled a list of all of your names to be included in a later version of the Brown Boy Bad series as “producers” (below). I also hope to gift each of you with a complimentary Brown Boy Bad Bracelet! I will keep you posted as things progress! -Sekou

Harriette Cole, Katie Clark-Alsadder, Sharon Pendana, Arkeedah Mccormick, Roz Murphy, Stacey B, Lenina Mortimer, Abiose Massaquoi, Brittney M. Walker, Maria Buck, Charles Jones, Albert Andrews, Sr., Melissa Moorer-Nobles, Korby Marks