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Photo of rear view mirror, black and white, for Brown Boy Bad
go fund me page for brown boy bad

Crowd Funding Campaign on GoFundMe

There is an active crowd-funding campaign for Brown Boy Bad(?) on GoFundMe.com. We are accepting donations to help defray the costs associated with producing more episodes of the docuseries and…

before brown boy bad(?) podcast cover art. black man in hoodie standing next to minivan in front of a lake. black and white.

B4 Brown Boy Bad(?) |Episode 2| Like Baseball and Apple Pie

  Marius, a Nashville resident, describes how his father reacted when the two of them came home to find a cross burning on their lawn. Marius also discusses how his…

BBB-ep2-2 copy

Brown Boy Bad | Episode 2 | Guns & Ammo

In the second episode of the docuseries, Marius drives around Nashville, Tennessee in a Kia Sedona minivan while discussing entitlement, guns and why black people riot over injustice. VIDEO:

brown boy bad(?) at roxbury international film festival

Screening at 17th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival

“Brown Boy Bad(?)” will be screened during the 17th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival in Boston, MA. Sekou, the creator of the docuseries, was born in Boston. More info at:…